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Open Conversations to Preserve your Family Legacy Thumbnail

Open Conversations to Preserve your Family Legacy

As we journey through life, we create memories, experiences, and a legacy that shapes the lives of those we leave behind. One way to ensure that our legacy is cherished and will transition smoothly is by having open and honest discussions with our family members. Host a family gathering to discuss your family legacy, including financial matters and inheritance, and how it can foster unity, understanding, and harmony among your loved ones.  Too often family is kept in the dark and this can lead to shock, confusion, and hurt feelings.  

Hosting a family legacy discussion does not require much pomp and circumstance.  You can make a meal, have light snacks, or even pick up pizzas.  Just be sure to let them know ahead of time your intent behind the family legacy meeting as you don’t want to catch them off guard.

If you are ready to sit down with your family below is a general outline you can follow.  These are great ideas to get started but, allow the conversation to flow freely.

Clarify your Intentions.

Hosting a family legacy discussion provides an opportunity to express your intentions clearly. By sharing your thoughts and values with your family, you create a roadmap for the future, allowing your loved ones to understand your wishes and carry them forward. This clarity reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings, disputes, or hurt feelings when it comes to decisions related to your estate.

Facilitating an Informed Plan

An open discussion about your financial accounts and estate planning ensures that your loved ones are well-informed. By providing them with a comprehensive list of your financial assets, including bank accounts, investment portfolios, and insurance policies, you equip them to handle your affairs responsibly and with ease when the time comes. Moreover, discussing your will and the designated executor offers transparency, enabling your family to understand the reasoning behind your choices.

Reducing Conflicts and Uncertainty

Inheritance and estate planning can be delicate subjects, often leading to conflicts among family members if not adequately addressed. By initiating this discussion, you can preempt potential disagreements and prevent any family members from feeling left out or undervalued. Openly discussing your intentions allows your children to ask questions, express concerns, and seek clarifications, fostering an environment of trust and understanding.

Honoring Family Values

Our family values and principles are the foundation of our legacy. By sharing these values with your children and future generations, you ensure that they continue to influence and guide the family's actions long after you are gone. The family gathering is an opportune moment to impart these values, emphasizing the importance of integrity, compassion, and empathy in their lives.


The start of the conversation can feel difficult, but with anything that is worthwhile, with work, will become easier. You may also find it necessary to have these conversations periodically due to changes within your family, values, and goals. Your family may have valuable feedback that you want to take into consideration.

Hosting a family gathering to discuss your family legacy, financial accounts, and inheritance is an act of love and responsibility. By initiating this conversation, you set the stage for a harmonious and unified future for your family, grounded in shared values and a clear understanding of your intentions. Embrace this opportunity to celebrate your family's history, impart wisdom, and ensure that your legacy continues to shine brightly through the generations to come. Remember, it's never too early to start this essential conversation and pave the way for a meaningful and enduring family legacy.

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