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“If you don't know where you're going,
any road'll take you there”

-The Cheshire Cat

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The Wealth Planning Process 

At Callesen Wealth Management

You need a personalized map that navigates your financial life. This map needs to take you where you want to go. It is composed of your dreams and aspirations for your family’s future and should provide the means and the route to get there confidently.  

The Good News Is…  

We are in the map-making business! We have a multi-step process to construct your personal wealth plan that we’ve built with you in mind. This process anticipates roadblocks, identifies alternative routes and plots the best way forward. We update this plan annually and help guide you at every turn.  

Developing Your Personal Map  

First Step in Developing Personal Map Grand Rapids, MI Callesen Wealth ManagementFirst,

we’ll create a comprehensive wealth plan.

Second Step in Developing Personal Map Grand Rapids, MI Callesen Wealth ManagementThen,

choose an appropriate investment model.

Third Step in Developing Personal Map Grand Rapids, MI Callesen Wealth ManagementFinally,

we’ll share an ongoing relationship of education, communication and reevaluation.

Understanding the Retirement Roadmap

Our Investment Planning Process

Finding long-term success in portfolio management means thinking about portfolio development as a journey, not a destination. Today’s financial markets receive and digest information faster than ever. This makes a rigorously defined and proactive approach the most prudent way to manage your irreplaceable capital.  

We take a long term view to investing. We know that the “buy, hold and hope” strategy that worked so well in the 1980’s and 1990’s has not served many investors well since the 2000 market crash. This new era of investing, unlike the 80’s and 90’s, is characterized by extreme volatility, sovereign risk, and investor uncertainty. Bearing this in mind, we developed the following steps to guide our portfolio decisions.  

Step 1: Investment Committee Review of the Technical Environment

Using our proprietary “Market Navigator”, the committee seeks to learn the health of the market. Their findings will determine the recommendations of how much money to invest in the markets and how much to retain in a cash position.  

Step 2: “Stock Screening” Process

The Investment Committee seeks fundamental attributes of companies they find desirable depending on the portion of the portfolio the security is intended to fill. This screening process allows us to refine a universe of thousands of stocks into a selected few to further research.  

Step 3: Monitoring the Portfolio Daily

Though changes are not made often, the investment committee keeps a close eye on economic developments of the global economy as well as specific changes within the companies we hold. From time to time, changes are warranted to maintain the risk profile of the strategy.  

Step 4: Annual Portfolio Refresh

Though we try to emulate great investors such as Warren Buffett with a long term holding mindset, we realize that the goals, risk tolerance and objectives of our own clients can be more varied. Consequently, some of the securities identified in step 2 are re-screened and updated annually to reflect the strict criteria used to identify desirable securities.  

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